What is Android Kotlin?

Introduction  Kotlin is a modern, high-level programming language that was developed by JetBrains. It is compatible with Java and runs on JVM (Java Virtual Machine). Since Google announced in 2017 that Kotlin would be an official programming language for Android, its popularity has grown rapidly among developers. Many developers have adopted Kotlin because of its …

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What is Node.js?

Introducción  Node.js es un entorno de tiempo de ejecución de JavaScript del lado del servidor que ha ganado mucha popularidad en los últimos años debido a su capacidad para manejar una gran cantidad de solicitudes en tiempo real y su facilidad de uso. Características de Node.js NPM: Node.js viene con un administrador de paquetes integrado …

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What is React js?

Introduction React is a web application development technology in JavaScript, which was created by Facebook. It is a free and open source framework whose main objective is the development of dynamic interfaces for Web pages. React is known for its focus on building reusable components, which allows developers to create complex and scalable user interfaces …

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Smart Goals

To be truly productive, whether at work or at home, you need to set your goals correctly. Our objective must be well defined, it must be realistic according to our capabilities, it must be measured and can be corrected in case of setbacks, this makes it a SMART objective. SMART is an acronym with each …

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The Importance of Apps and How They Help Scale Businesses

The Importance of Apps and How They Help Scale Businesses

Our mobile phones have truly influenced how we live our daily lives nowadays. We check notifications, communicate with people, and stay in the know through our gadgets. The massive impact of the digital age opens massive opportunities for companies — regardless of size, industry, and business model. Here at Onikom, we tailor-make apps to fit …

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