Smart Goals

To be truly productive, whether at work or at home, you need to set your goals correctly.

Our objective must be well defined, it must be realistic according to our capabilities, it must be measured and can be corrected in case of setbacks, this makes it a SMART objective.

SMART is an acronym with each of the characteristics that a well-planned objective must have:

  • Specific
  • Measurable 
  • Achievable 
  • Relevant 
  • Timely 

What does each of these characteristics mean?


A specific goal tells us exactly what we hope to achieve, for example, increasing monthly lead generation by 20%.


It is important to know to what extent the desired result was achieved and for this we rely on numbers and graphs that indicate it, for example, registering the Leads generated by our actions.


The objective must be achievable in the time, knowledge and resources available. It is important to be clear about the actions necessary to achieve this objective.


A relevant objective must be aligned with the general goals of the business. It makes no sense to set goals whose results do not add value, for example, increasing Leads by 20% will be relevant if the purpose is to increase your income.


It means that the objectives are limited to a certain time. That is why when we set a goal we must always take into account the time it will take us to achieve it, for example, the goal of increasing Leads by 20% through display ads within two months.

Using SMART goals is a way of organizing work that helps achieve goals more easily. Remember that every step you take counts and adds to that greater goal.

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