A new era in the world?

XPeng Motors is the economic Tesla of electric vehicles in China. Since 2015 these cars can be seen in the main streets of Dongguan, Shenzhen, Suzhou and Hong Kong, in their sedan and SUV versions with four-wheel drive at affordable prices starting at $22,186 USD.
With the confidence of its local public, XPeng Motors decided to launch the prototype of its flying vehicle: the AeroHT eVTOL, with a luxury design that allows it to deploy its propellers in a matter of seconds and become a device that works as a helicopter.
Will there be more?
In this way, XPeng Motors is ahead of its main competitor Hyundai, which since last year has shown its flying cab model, which only serves to fly and not to roll through the streets. It is also ahead of Tesla, a brand that is also working on a flying vehicle but has not seen the light of day to date.
How are the tests going?
This vehicle has been in testing since 2022 when it made its first successful flight in which the gear stick becomes the control for forward, reverse, turn, climb, hover and descent. The AeroHT is subject to low-altitude airspace laws and regulations, so it can take off and land vertically to avoid traffic jams or obstacles such as a river or the lack of a bridge between two cities. The solution to short distance trips.
Technology is advancing very fast, and it won’t be long before the future of flying cars that we have been dreaming of for years becomes a reality very soon.