What makes TikTok so addictive? Artificial intelligence in the user experience

TikTok is one of the most popular social networking applications of the moment, with over one billion active users worldwide. This short video platform has proven to be especially popular among young people, and its addictiveness is evident by the fact that people can spend hours scrolling through their feed.
But what exactly is it that makes this app so addictive? One of the main reasons is its use of AI in the user experience.
Artificial intelligence is the ability of computers to learn and perform tasks that would normally require human intervention. In the case of this platform, they use this technology to personalize the user experience by showing them videos that are tailored to their interests.

When you open the app, you are presented with a feed of short videos that play automatically, one after the other. The selection of videos that appear and go based on the analysis of your preferences and past behaviors. For example, if you often like to watch animal videos, it is likely that TikTok will show you more animal videos in the future.
This personalized selection process is made possible by artificial intelligence. Since it uses algorithms that analyze the videos you like and the videos you don’t like or even share, to determine your interests.
Another way in which this technology serves is through the app’s video editing tools as these offer users to improve the quality of their videos. It also uses facial recognition technology to enhance filter effects and to suggest relevant sound effects for the video, as well as object recognition to identify objects in the video and suggest relevant hashtags.